What is a Post Frame Home?

While building your own home can seem overwhelming with so many options, we are here to help! We have been in the building industry for many years and will be able to take care of your project from start to finish. 

If traditional style homes are too expensive and outside of your budget we have the perfect solution for you! We have been constructing post frame buildings for many years and now also offer post frame homes! Post frame homes (pole barn homes) are an easy and affordable way to build a beautiful home.

Post frame construction is an engineered wood-frame building system that features either laminated columns or perma columns instead of wood studs, steel framing, or masonry. Commonly known as pole barn homes, they are more quickly erected than any other kind of home. 

This type of construction also uses larger posts and an interlocking frame system. This type of system can handle greater loads than stick built construction so fewer structural materials are needed, which saves time, labor, and extra material costs. With post commonly spaced 8′ apart, post frame buildings also feature a larger wall cavity and provide ample room for insulation resulting in lower heating and cooling costs!

1. Energy Efficient

The energy savings will be substantial when compared to a stick-frame structure with studs 16″ or 24″ on-center. We normally build our post frame homes with posts being 8′ on-center which creates larger wall cavities for insulation.

2. Lower Foundation Cost

Stick-built homes use stud-walls construction to transfer the roof load to the foundation. Post frame uses larger posts to transfer loads to the ground via concrete footing or piers which requires less concrete.

3. Faster Construction

Because you will need less components, your construction time is much shorter. This also greatly reduces the labor cost of constructing your home.